Freshers’ Week is packed with things to do from the compulsory meetings and registrations with the University to the social events in Fylde and throughout the campus. You will be supported and helped by the staff and students of Fylde who will assist you in settling in and finding your feet around campus.

Please be assured that you won’t be pressured to go out drinking or party hard if you don’t wish to! There are so many events to choose from we are sure that you will find something to enjoy.

Please refer to the Welcome Week Guide for full details of the main University events:

Remember to download the iLancaster app on to your ipad or smart phone: You will find it very useful throughout your time at Lancaster.

Here is the essential timetable for Fylde students including our social events.

Sunday 28 September

Key CollectionOur JCR Reps will help you find your room and assist with luggage.You can collect your Membership Packs and purchase your Fylde Freshers’ Back Pack from the JCR From 10:00 Fylde Common Room
Off Campus Student WelcomeIf you are living off campus please come along and meet the JCR and have a chat to our staff 15:45 Fylde Common Room
Freshers’ PhotoYour reps will come and collect you 16:.30 The Bonington Step
College Welcome Talk 18:00 George Fox LT 1
Supper 19.15 Fylde Common Room
Getting to know you…DJ in the bar 20:00 onwards The Mill – Fylde Bar

Monday 29 September

Safety TalkCompulsory for on campus students 10:00-11:00 Great Hall
Registration 13:00-15:00 LICA Building
Major Talks 14:00-17:00 Various
Welcome to Fylde International Freshers 17:30 Fylde LT 1
Afternoon & Evening
Oktober Fest Celebrate this German festival The Mill – Fylde Bar
USA vs UK Cheerleaders at 6pm, English Teaparty then USA Frat party.Dress in Red, White and Blue Fylde and then…Hustle and Lounge

 Tuesday 30 September

Visiting Study Abroad, Exchange and Erasmus Students Registration 9:30 Great Hall
Part 1 Talks All day Various
Afternoon & Evening
Fylde Sports Tasters 14:00 Net Courts and The Mill
Scavenger Hunt 15:00 Quad then campus!
Meet the JCR 16:00 The Mill
BBQ & Australasia Art Evening BBQ at 18:00 and if you are staying in then have a dabble in our Aussie/Kiwi Arts evening and have a go on the didgeridoo Fylde Common Room
BNO LUSU organized town venues. Time to go walkabout ! Instructions on arrival!

 Wednesday 1 October

Enrolment 9:00-10:00 George Fox
Unismart Presentation 11:00-12:15 Great Hall
Block Rio Olympics games 15:00 Three legged races to ‘ball in the bucket’! Bonington Step
Big Night In World Cup Fifa tournament and bar sports The Mill
Rio carnival  & African craft shop 19:00 Feathers and Mocktails and Films! Fylde Common Room

Thursday 2 October

Orientation for International Students 9.30-12.00Details George Fox
Explore Lancaster in the daylight Fresher Reps will guide around the town to find the best spots for coffee and bargains Lancaster City
Freshers’ Fair Pt1 Sports and Societies 12:00-17:00 Great Hall
Visit the other colleges! or Blackpool Illuminations Dress code ‘Safari’ as you pay a visit to our fellow collegesTrip to see the famous lights CampusDetails

 Friday 3 October

Major Department Orientation Half day sessions with your major department Various
Fresher’ Fair Pt 2 LUSU and Lancaster 12:00–16:00 Great Hall
Belly Dancing Master Class 18:00 (Gentlemen too!) The Mill
Dubai Race Night Dress to impress at our Dubai Races night Revolution

Saturday 4 October

Uni Sports Taster Sessions Various in the sports centre Details
LUSU Trips to Trafford Centre and Ikea Can be booked when you arrive
All Colleges Trip Blackpool Pleasure Beach 12:00–16:00 Details
Fylde does Holi ! Join the celebration with paint and music TBC
Thai Full Moon Party Spend some time with your Reps and then UV up for a party in town The Dalton Rooms

 Sunday 5 October

Uni Sports Trials &LUSU Trips to Lake District Can be booked when you arrive  
End of Summer Fair 14:00 Fylde Quad
Big Fat around the World Quiz 20:00 Big prizes! The Mill

  And other notable dates include

 Monday 6 October

Start your courses, of course!

Wednesday 9 October

A visit from your College Advisor to see how you are getting on. All full time UG degree students will be assigned a College Advisor. This is usually a member of staff or a postgraduate student who has volunteered to act as someone you can talk to in confidence outside your department should you need to. They are also very happy to hear from you at any time and will have a chat over a coffee just to see how you are doing.

In your first year you will see your advisor a couple of times – or as many times as you wish. They will remain your College Advisor for the duration of your studies.

We will email you with details when you have arrived.

See you soon, Fyldeans!


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