College Advisor System

Every undergraduate student in Fylde is assigned a College Advisor on arrival to the University.

You will find that if you are sharing a kitchen in the residences you will be assigned the same advisor.

If you are an off campus first year you will be assigned the same advisor as some other students who are off campus (either living at parental or own accommodation).

Student visitors from overseas (those here for one year or less) are invited to come along to the college office if they require any welfare assistance or indeed any help or advice.

International Study Centre students should contact ISC welfare staff for assistance but are also welcome to come to the college office with any immediate worries or queries.

The College Advisors are volunteer members of staff from all areas across the university. They are Senior Members of the college who are happy to be available as someone to talk to if you need any help or advice. It is unlikely that they will be associated with your particular department which may help if your issues are with your academic work. Please remember to keep in touch with your advisors and to respond when they contact you as these members of staff have volunteered to be at your assistance.

If you have forgotten who your advisor is, or  you are having difficulty in contacting them then ask the college office for help.

In addition Fylde has a Senior Advisor, Shelagh Milligan , who is responsible for the advisor system in the college. The College Administrator may arrange for you to see the Senior Advisor as quickly as possible if there is an urgent problem.

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